Within Chanje we recognize the innate connection between each of us. There is a foundation of trust present that allows us to work with a higher level of efficiency, as well as a higher level of appreciation both for what we do and who we are. Our employees’ willingness to lean into Chanje is the reason for our continued successes. In this series, we want to introduce the individuals that make Chanje a reality.

Why did you choose to come to Chanje?

I knew I wanted to come to Chanje after speaking to Ian (President) and Laurie (HR Consultant) in my initial interview, but what really put me over the edge was Bryan (CEO). I sat in an interview with him, jaw on the floor. It felt like it was meant to be—like I was put in this city at this particular time and was looking for a new place to be. I feel like it is fate— no pun intended since that’s my name— that I’m here with this group of people. It was meant to be.

Winter Fate Morvant, Human Resources Coordinator

What part of the Chanje culture has been most striking to you? How is it different from other work environments that you’ve been in? I have never been a part of a company that really cared for and invested in the overall wellbeing of their employees. Not just physically, but mentally. Some companies that I’ve been with in the past have made it known that they appreciated my effort and dedication for the most part, but it stopped there. They were just words and actions did not back them up. Here at Chanje, not only do people mean what they say—their actions prove it. I’ve truly come to realize that you can wake up and be excited to go to work every day.

The tools that we are learning to handle conflict and to just overall adjust our way of approaching stressful situations has not only made me a more valuable employee, but it has really improved communication on every level of this company. You can actually talk to folks here and they listen. I’ve never experienced that before.

How does Chanje keep its culture and values alive on a daily basis?

We practice, practice, practice. We have weekly practice calls to really dig down deep and put what we learn into real life current situations. You don’t even realize it at first, but I’ve found myself using the tools I’ve learned to handle even the smallest situation. It’s not only improved my efficiency, my weekly planning and my communication—it’s helped me prevent stress before it even starts.

How has the personal development work that Chanje is supporting impacted your work in HR?

Chanje’s approach to empowering every employee to work on themselves has set me up for success as an HR professional. I find it immensely helpful, especially in HR, because I am the voice of the employees. When someone comes to me with questions or an issue, I can really get down to the root of what’s going on while remaining positive and calm. It also helps me help people by not just being “the rescuer” and fixing problems for people. Because all employees are in turn trained to be coaches, it helps me know how to properly coach them to help themselves.

How would you describe the work atmosphere? 

The work atmosphere here at Chanje is upbeat, busy in the best way, and full of opportunity. Every interaction gives way to a new opportunity for me to learn about myself, my co-workers, and the product that we’re all so proud of. Not one day has gone by where I haven’t left the office a better person. I don’t say that lightly— I genuinely love the work I am able to do here.

How would you describe the team of people we’ve built at Chanje?

The people I work with are amazing. I get to surround myself with some of the smartest people I’ve ever met. I feel so lucky that I get the opportunity to grow with these folks. Together, as a team, we will be unstoppable. We have so many plans for a better future and we’re going to work together on making Chanje a household name.

What does life look like outside of Chanje?

I work in pit bull rescue. I love dogs, especially pit bulls. They have a bad rap and it’s very unfair and I like to stick up for them. My dog Deuce is 10 years old. He is a certified therapy dog and an emotional support animal. He loves working with children, he loves nursing homes, he loves hanging out with everyone, and is extremely friendly. He knows all of his commands in English, Spanish, a little bit of German, Russian, and French. … and he’s cute!

Winter is a great embodiment of the culture we’re building at Chanje. If you’re interested in working here, please go to our Careers page to find out more.